Rowland Johns

British author. Born in 1882. Mainly known for his many books about dogs and various dog breeds. However he did write one children's novel featuring a pony. This was a pony point of view tale 'told' by the favourite hunting pony of the then King, George V. Not surprisingly, given the American love of British royalty the book was also published in the USA where it was graced by illustrations by the great Paul Brown. This edition, due to those illustrations, is the most sought after and is the most expensive.

Horse & Pony Books:

aka JOCK THE KING'S PONY (American title)
(METHUEN 1936)
American edition published by Dutton in 1936 and re-titled. This edition was illustrated by Paul Brown.
EDITIONS PICTURED: 1st edition, USA edition.
SUMMARY: Pony point of view story. Jock, the hunting pony of King George V, tells his story.

Collector's Info:
The book had slightly different titles in the UK and USA. The first edition is reasonably easy to find and usually quite cheap. The American edition is more sought-after due to the Paul Brown illustrations and is usually a lot more expensive. Cheap copies of the story are hard to find in the USA.